The Innovation Challenge:
Win Free Exhibition Space!
As a special incentive, we’re offering a chance for the top 5 most innovative companies to secure FREE exhibition space at DATE 2023! If your innovation stands out as a game-changer, you could be one of the lucky winners to showcase your products and solutions to a global audience at no cost!
Opportunity Highlights:
Exhibition Space

Showcase your innovation to a vast audience.

Pitch on Stage
Pitch your innovations on the fintech or future tech stage.
Product Launch
Stand a chance to launch your product/solution at DATE.
How to Participate:
  • Apply:
    Submit your company's details, along with a brief description of your innovation.
  • Criteria for Innovation:
    • Impact: Showcase real-world impact and potential of your innovation in transforming industries.
    • Uniqueness: Present a novel and distinctive product, service, or solution.
    • Market Relevance: Highlight how your innovation aligns with industry trends and needs.
    • Scalability: Demonstrate the potential for your innovation to scale and make a significant market impact.
    • Sustainability: Innovations that prioritize environmental and social sustainability.
    • Past Success: Showcase your company's history of successful innovations.
  • Judging:
    Our panel of experts will evaluate all submissions based on the innovation criteria listed above.
  • Winners Announced:
    The top three most innovative companies will be announced and awarded free exhibition space at DATE 2023!