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About DATE - FinTech Show

DATE - FinTech Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused event that deep dives into the latest challenges and technology trends in Saudi Arabia's financial services sector.

DATE - FinTech Show sets the standard for financial innovation in the Kingdom by connecting global fintech experts, technology innovators and startups with pre-qualified CFOs, CEOs, CTOs, Heads of Business Transformation, Chief Digital Officers, Heads of Innovation, government authorities, and fintech investors from Saudi Arabia.

The event features exciting keynotes, enterprise use-case presentations, product showcase, panel discussions and tech talks. Witness next-gen fintech solutions from global tech leaders and explore their relevance and impact on organisations.


Alain Godard is Chairman and Managing Director of the European Fund for Digital Sovereignty, the "Tech Champion initiative". This pan-European initiative, approved in February 2022 by European Ministers of Economy and Finance, aims to finance future tech champions in Europe

Alain Godard

Chairman & Managing Director,

European Digital Sovereignty Fund


Fadi Ghandour is the Executive Chairman of Wamda Group, a platform that invests, nurtures and builds entrepreneurship eco-systems across the Middle East and North Africa. Fadi was also the co-founder of Aramex, one of the leading global logistics companies based in Dubai.

Fadi Ghandour

Executive Chairman,


United Arab Emirates

With over 25 years in business technology, Mr. Aiedh M. Al-Zahrani has been a driving force in banking. Formerly Riyad Bank's CIO, he now excels as the Chief Operating Officer of Arab National Bank in Saudi Arabia, where he continues to shape the industry with visionary leadership.

Aiedh Al-Zahrani

Chief Operating Officer,

Arab National Bank

Saudi Arabia

Jessica Renier leads technological development and policy on artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital identity, digital assets and Central Bank Digital Currency, payments innovation, data management, cloud technologies, and quantum computing.

Jessica Renier

Managing Director, Digital Finance,

Institute of International Finance

United States

Dr. Wissam Fattouh has excellent knowledge and expertise in Arab and International banking and financial sectors, acquired from over 30 years of experience in this domain.

Dr Wissam Fattouh

Secretary General,

Union Of Arab Banks


For 15 years Hubertus is Managing Director of Frankfurt Main Finance and the spokesperson for the Financial Center of Frankfurt. He has led his Communication Agency NewMark for 27 years. Over these years he´s been a serial entrepreneur and invested early in several leading FinTechs.

Hubertus Väth

Managing Director,

Frankfurt Main Finance e.V.


Bryan is a global leader in future of finance strategies and risk management solutions, leveraging more than 35 years of experience in both public and private sectors in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Bryan Stirewalt

Senior Managing Director,


United States

Monica Brand Engel is the co-founding Managing Partner of Quona Capital, she is a wife and mother of twins as well as an investor and entrepreneur, who has launched funds and products aimed at broadening financial inclusion globally.

Monica Brand Engel

Managing Partner,

Quona Capital

United States


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Want to explore sponsorship opportunities at DATE - FinTech Show?

Showcase your brand, thought leadership, launch your latest products and win business at the ultimate platform for fintech innovation.


Enabling Digital Payments for customers
Collaborations for a Greener world – Fintech actors taking the lead
Every company can be a Fintech
The role of VCs in fostering the Fintech ecosystem
Digital Payments are moving fast. What’s now and what’s next?
Decentralized Finance: The bridge to the future of finance
The disruption of Wealth Management – Robots vs Humans
The future of Fintech in Saudi Arabia
Embedding Regtech in your Digital Journey
The emergence of Venture Studios in the MENA region
Transforming the retail payments experience
The inevitable: Transforming the kingdom as a regional and global fintech hub


C-Level Executives
  • Chief Executive Officers & Founders
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • Chief Innovation Officers (CINOs)
  • Chief Digital Officers (CDOs)
  • Chief Risk Officers (CROs)
  • Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
  • Managing Directors
Management Level Executives
  • VPs of Finance
  • Directors of Finance
  • Heads of Finance
  • Finance Managers
  • Financial Controllers
  • Private & Institutional Investors
  • Directors of Cloud
  • Heads of Anti Money Laundering
  • Heads of Customer Experience
  • Heads of Compliance
  • Heads of Financial Regulatory
  • Heads of Payments
  • Heads of Retail Banking
  • Heads of Policy
  • Heads of Strategy
  • Heads of Digital Transformation
  • Heads of IT & Infrastructure
  • Heads of Mobile Banking
  • Heads of Operations
  • Heads of Risk Management
  • Heads of Customer Experience / Engagement
  • Heads of Digital Banking
  • Heads of Mobile Banking
  • Heads of Product Development
  • Heads of Research and Development
  • Heads of Information Security
  • Heads of Insurance
  • Treasury Managers
  • Accountants
Industry Sectors
  • Government
  • SME Financial Institutions
  • Private Fundraising
  • Personal Finance & Treasury Management
  • Banking Infrastructure
  • Legacy Banks
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Adtech
  • Postal Services
  • Retail – Online Shopping sites / Ecommerce
  • Utilities
Attendee Profile
  • CEO / Founders
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Creative Officers
  • Chief Business Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Directors (Technical)
  • VPs (Technical)
  • Heads of Digital Innovation
  • Heads of Blockchain
  • Heads of Crypto
  • Heads of Metaverse
  • Investors and HNIs
  • Global Head of Digital
  • Heads of Digital Transformation
  • Directors of Metaverse Engineering
  • Crypto Influencers
  • Heads of Analytics
  • Chief Product Developers
  • Blockchain Solution Architect
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer
  • Blockchain Software Engineer
  • Blockchain Legal Consultant
  • Cryptocurrency regulator
  • Blockchain Developers
  • Fintech Professionals
  • Managing Partners/ Directors
Industry Sectors
  • Banking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Cloud Storage
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Hospitality
  • Infrastructure & Energy
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Food and Beverages
  • Metaverse
  • Gaming
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Human Resources
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Enterprise Tech
Solution Categories
  • Banking Solutions
  • Banks
  • Blockchain/ DLT Solutions
  • Financial Institutions
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Card Issuance and Management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Core Banking Solutions
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Centers
  • Digital Lending
  • Digital Payment
  • Accounting and Auditing Solutions
  • Document Storage Solutions
  • E - Payment Solutions
  • E - Wallets
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Forex Software
  • Insurance Solutions
  • IoT Based Applications
  • Network Solutions / Communication
  • Online Trading Software
  • Payment Gateways
  • POS Machines and Payment Solutions
  • Risk Management
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Software and Solutions
  • Taxation Solutions
  • Threat Management Solutions
  • Transactional Platforms

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